How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

Google Analytics is the major tool for your website statistics. In this post, we will see how to setup a google analytics in your wordpress blog. The procedure is almost similar for websites too.

STEP 1: Open Google Analytics Webpage. and Sign in with your Google Account.


STEP 2: Click on “Start Measuring” button. You will be redirected to Create Account Page as shown in the below image.

a. First step is Account Setup : Enter your Account Name (Any name of your choice) and click on NEXT, one account name may have multiple properties.

b. What do you want to measure

c. Property Setup : Property is your website.

You can see how to submit your sitemap to Google.

create account in analytics -

STEP 3: You can see What do you want to measure, there are three options, Web, Apps, Apps and Web. Select Web for your website.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

STEP 4:You will get new property setup options. Fill the required details like, website name, website URL (Select HTTPS if you have SSL enabled), select your industry category and time zone. Click on CREATE button.

Select property in Google Analytics-

STEP 5: You will receive a new popup “Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement” click on all the terms. Don’t forget to select your country, by default it is United States.

Analytics service -Add Google Analytics to WordPress Website

STEP 6: You can see your tracking code now, the format looks like UA-XXXXXXXXX-X. You are now done with the creation of tracking code. Make a note of it. Google Analytics to WordPress Website

STEP 7: If you are not a new user to analytics, if you already have a website registered in Google Analytics, follow the procedure.

Setup A New Website to Google Analytics If You Already Have a Website.

STEP 8: Goto Admin at bottom left panel of the page.

admin area-

STEP 9: Create a new Account, or you can directly add a new property. In my case, i am creating a new account. The process is same as described above, Go to STEP 2 and follow the procedure. You will receive a new tracking code.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress blog-

STEP 10: Goto your admin dashboard of wordpress, Select Plugins, click on Add New. Search for “Google Analytics” in Search Area.

Select plugin-Google Analytics to WordPress

STEP 11: Select the first plugin, “google analytics dashboard plugin for wordpress by monsterinsights”. Install and activate the plugin. Launch the Wizard!

STEP 12: Complete all the steps one by one, and authorize the plugin with google analytics.

Finish Setup and Exit Wizard. You are done with the Analytics integration.

You can submit your sitemap to Google.

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