How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search Console

It is really essential for the website owners to submit their website sitemap to Search Engines for more traffic. In this post, we will see how to submit your website sitemap to Google Search Console. Be ready with your sitemap.

STEP 1: Goto Google search console website

STEP 2: Login with Your existing Google credentials or Signup for a new Account. In this article, i am assuming that you already have a Google Login details. Click on Start now button.

STEP 3: Click on Add Property on the top left side window. If you have any other websites, that you have already submitted to search console, they will appear there. In my case my another programming website called is already added.

Step 4: “Select Property Type” window will appear if you click on Add Property.

You can See Domain and URL Prefix methods. If you have a domain and subdomains, it recommended to select Domain method. if you have only one website without any subdomains, better to go for URL prefix. URL prefix verification is easy.

Step 5: In this post, i am selecting first option as Domain. Enter your website name, no need to enter www, https, http, etc. In my case, i entered (All Small letters, it’s not a matter). Click on CONTINUE button.

STEP 6: One new window will come for verification as shown in the below image “Verify domain ownership via DNS record” page. Copy the verification code.

STEP 7: Goto your domain service provider, in my case, i am using Namecheap as my domain and hosting provider. However, i am logging in to my cPanel hosting service. This process is common for all most all cPanel services. Select Zone Editor.

STEP 8: Select Manage under the options of your website to be verified.

STEP 9: You can see a bunch of options those can be managed. However, we need to modify only TXT record. Click on “Add Record” Button. This process is mostly common for almost all hosting providers.

STEP 10: You will get a new window to enter your custom TXT record. There are few options available in the drop down menu, you must select TXT record only.

STEP 11: Enter all the required details and click on “Add Record” button. Sample values given below for your reference.

Valid Zone name: (Your website name)

TTL : 1200 (Keep the default one, don’t change)

Record: google-site-verification=3PMkqz-NFPNqbO0L… (That you copied in STEP 6)

STEP 12: You are done with adding a record and you can logout from your cPanel. Go to Search console window and click on VERIFY button as shown in the below image.

STEP 13: That’s it. You are done with the configuration. You will receive a “Ownership Verified” message as shown in the below image.

STEP 14: Click on “GO TO PROPERTY” button as shown in the above image. You will receive a new message as shown in the following image. Click on START button.

STEP 15: On the left hand side options of search console, select “Sitemaps”, You will see a textbox asking for sitemap.

STEP 16: Submit your sitemap to search console. If don’t have a sitemap, create one for your wordpress blog as given in the following link.

How to create a new Sitemap in wordpress

Step 17: If you already have a sitemap, enter the sitemap xml link and click on submit.

That’s it. You are done by submitting the sitemap to google. You will see a new message as “Sitemap submitted successfully”

Your site status can be seen as “Success”.

Congratulations! You site may appear in google search results and your pages may take some time to appear in search results. Please be patient.

Do comment if you have any queries.

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