How to Install WordPress in Localhost in Mac OS using MAMP

In this post, we will see how to install WordPress in your local machine using MAMP. MAMP is known as Mac, Apache, MySql, and PHP.

Let us see the step by step procedure for installation of WordPress in Mac OS.

  1. Download MAMP package and wordpress package from official websites.

2. Install MAMP by following simple instructions.

3. Extract the wordpress folder that you downloaded in step 1.

4. Go to Applications –> MAMP folder –> htdocs –>GeekChalk(your own folder name)–> Copy all extracted wordpress files. See the screenshot for clear understanding.

wordpress files in mac
Extract wordpress files in htdocs or your own sub folder

5. Open the MAMP application in the MAMP folder in the Applications folder of your Mac. You can also do search in Mac by pressing cmd+space and type MAMP, you will get the same result.

6. Click on Start Servers button on MAMP window to start all the servers.

7. You will see the following window if launching servers is successful.

8. You will receive a new browser window with Welcome to MAMP. You can see and note down your MySql root access details.

9. From the above window, click on Tools, and select PHPMYADMIN

Select PHPMYADMIN to goto Databases

10. It will take you to the database. We need to create a new database and new user. It is easy and you can do this in less than a minute.

a. Click on Databases tab.

b. Enter your Database Name, in my case, i have given mydb as database name.

c. Click on create button, you are done with database creation.

11. We have successfully created a new database called mydb. Select mydb database name from left side window as described in the below image.

a. Select mydb database in the left pane of phpMyAdmin.

b. Select Privileges tab.

c. Click on Add user account as marked in the below image.

12. If you click on “Add user account” link, it will redirect you to user creation window and fill the necessary details like username, password, confirm password. Click on check all privileges, and at last click on Go. That’s it. new user created. Don’t forget to note down your username and password somewhere else for later use.

13. Now the real process starts. open a page http://localhost:8888/GeekChalk here GeekChalk is a folder name that I created to place my wordpress unzipped files in Step 4. You can replace folder name with yours. But remember default port number is 8888. You can check that in the MAMP Preferences window.

This is only for reference that is available in MAMP preferences

14. Select the language option as your first step in the installation process and click on continue.

15. Be ready with your database username and password that you created in Step 12.

16. Click on Let’s Go Button from above window. You can see the below image and fill all the details. Make sure you entered correct database name, username and password. I already told you to note down in separate notes.

Database host is localhost by default. Don’t change that name and table prefix is wp_ by default. Click on Submit button once you entered correct details.

17. You will get a window to Run the Installation. Click on the button “Run the installation” as shown in the below image.

18. Enter the information required to setup your wordpress. It will ask you for Site Title, Username, password, confirm password, Email address. Remember that, this is not a database username and password. It is required to login to wordpress admin panel. Note down these values also.

19. If you click on Install wordpress button, you can see the success message. Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed wordpress in your local host in MAC Operating System.

20. Now, click on Login button as shown in the above image. You will be redirected to Admin login page. Enter the username and password that you created in Step 18.


21. You can see the Admin Panel now with lot of options.

Congratulations!. You are good to go to next steps.

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