How to Zoom in and Zoom out in Windows 10

Zooming your screen in Windows 10 is easy with a simple keyboard shortcut. Let us see how to Zoom in and Zoom out Windows 10

Win + (+)

Hold (windows key) and press (plus) symbol on the keyboard


To Zoom out, do exactly opposite to it. Hold Windows key and press (-) key.

Win + (-)

To Turnoff the magnifier press Windows key and Esc on the keyboard.

Win + Esc

There are other modes of zoom like docked mode and Lens mode. But, we rarely use these methods. Let us see how to Zoom in and Zoom out Windows 10 using dock and lens modes.

For Docked mode of Zoom

Alt + Ctrl + D

For Lens mode of zoom

Alt + Ctrl + L

If you want to see the settings of zoom in windows.

STEP 1: Click on Start button

STEP 2: Go to Settings

STEP 3: open “Ease of Access”

ease of access-geekchalk

Step 4: Select “Magnifier”, you can see all related things about zoom in windows.


You need to work on it, you will get little confusion for first time. Happy Zooming!

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