Download Copyright Free Images and Videos for Your Websites

We always look for free images and videos to use in our websites or personal blogs or in our YouTube videos. In this post, I will give you information about 3 websites who providing Royalty free images and videos. You can freely use them anywhere. Let us see the sites to download free images and videos for your websites.

1. Pixabay – Free Images and Videos

Pixabay is one of my favorite site with hundreds of Images and Videos. All are free and no copyright required. You can freely use them anywhere, such as in your blog, website, videos, etc.

pixabay-Download Free Images and Videos

It has copyright free Photos, Videos, Vectors and Illustrations for web developers and other content creators.

Advantages of Pixabay:

  1. Free Images (No Copyright and Free Download)
  2. Free Videos (No Copyright and Free Download)
  3. Free Vectors (No Copyright and Free Download)
  4. Download different Resolutions for same image from High Quality to low quality

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2. unsplash – More Categories

unsplash-geekchalk-Download Free Images and Videos

Unsplash is leading and most used website to download copyright free images and videos. You are free to use and modify those images. It has its own license type, that you can use the content of the website for commercial and non-commercial use and no credit required. You can check the license policy here. Feel free to use this website.

Another great advantage of this site is Categories. The site has different categories that serves your purpose. You can find Wall papers, Food, papers, Textures, Patterns, Events, Business, Films, Animals, Travel, Fashion, Etc. images which are copyright free.

Advantages of Unsplash:

1. Free Images to download.

2. Various Categories (Helpful for quick search).

3. High Quality Images.

4. Collections of Pictures.

3. Pexels – Images and Videos

Pexels is really a good website to download free images and videos is, It is also providing very rich set of high quality images. Pexels has its license, such as, all photos are free, no attribution required. Go and try the images.

pexels-geekchalk-Download Free Images and Videos

Advantages of Pixels:

  1. Image search based on color
  2. Free downloadable Videos
  3. Just an another good website.

Finally, we have seen the 3 best websites for downloading copyright free images. There are more websites related to it. But my needs didn’t go beyond these websites.

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